About Us

Who we are

Spectrum Pro Movers is a local moving company, in Irvine California. We offer a wide range of moving services, customized to each client's needs. We can relocate your household or business including cars, office furniture and equipment. Our team of affordable movers is trained to move and handle any size of items and will assist you to successfully relocate. Our reasonable rates and many years of experience make us one of the top moving companies.


Clients Testimonials

Called around for movers and these guys stood out at first because they sounded almost too good to be true. Usually I hear some guy answer who's really pushy with loud background noise because they're answering while on the job. Not here, the CSR is professional.

Scheduling was easy and streamlined. Bring able to put down $50 deposit actually gave me piece of mind that my movers are going to show up. They followed up on time via email and phone call. Showed up when they were supposed to. And Roman and Eugene were very curtious, helpful, and strong too. Didn't waste time. I recommend them.

A D.
Huntington Beach, CA