Professional Moving Company

Moving your household or your business can be a stressful and challenging task. Packing can cause a mess in the house, workers with no experience might damage your precious belongings and moving day is just around the corner. If you want to avoid this nerve-wracking situation you must assign your relocation to a professional moving company.

High Quality

Spectrum Pro Movers is a licensed moving company that offers high quality moving services by professional movers. We have all the means to achieve a successful residential, commercial or long distance move. We are here to help you plan, pack, transfer and unpack your whole house, without breaking a sweat. We pride ourselves on bringing the best moving assistance, completely customized to your unique needs.

Properly Trained

Our professional team of movers will listen and understand your needs and help you relocate without worrying about your antique furniture or fragile items. Our crew is properly trained and ensures that safety is their top priority. Trust them, they are pros!

Moving Tips

And before you start packing boxes allow us to give you a helping hand and pack everything for you. Upon you request we can pack from electrical appliances and furniture to books and kid’s toys. You just sit back and relax. When moving day arrives you will be more than ready to start your new life. We make sure that by the end of the day you will be more than satisfied. And we are more than happy to know that we are here to assist you.

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Clients Testimonials

Called around for movers and these guys stood out at first because they sounded almost too good to be true. Usually I hear some guy answer who's really pushy with loud background noise because they're answering while on the job. Not here, the CSR is professional.

Scheduling was easy and streamlined. Bring able to put down $50 deposit actually gave me piece of mind that my movers are going to show up. They followed up on time via email and phone call. Showed up when they were supposed to. And Roman and Eugene were very curtious, helpful, and strong too. Didn't waste time. I recommend them.

A D.
Huntington Beach, CA

Moving Tips - Safety

  • Inform the post office about your move and tell them to hold all mail during your move. Avoid having packages or mail sent to the new address until you move in.
  • Avoid giving the impression that you are alone in a new home.
  • Get to know your new neighborhood before your moving truck arrives. It’s good to find out what you new place is all about.
  • Don't tell new neighbors you are moving in alone.
  • Don't pack valuables such as jewelry or silver with other items. Keep them in your car or a deposit box at a bank near to your new place.

Moving Tips - Avoid stress

  • Plan and organize in advance your relocation. Keep all documents related to your move in one place you can easily reach.
  • Make a list of appointments to turn on and off your electricity, gas, water, cable for your home.
  • Try to keep children occupied with coloring books or other toys to fill the children's time while movers do their work.
  • Once the moving truck is gone start by opening boxes that you will need first.
  • Go for a long walk, grab a drink at the local bar and meet the new neighbors. This can be fun and it will allow you to relax.